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Inspired by Milo Cress who started Be Straw Free  and The Last Plastic Straw, we are working to reduce plastic waste generated in Rhode Island. 

Straws are unnecessary and the plastic from which they are made do not degrade, polluting our environment and causing harm to wildlife.

Each day we use 500 million straws

  • 1.6 straws per person (in the US) per day.
  • enough disposable straws to fill over 46,400 large school buses per year.
  • lined up, straw waste would wrap around the the earth 2.5 times.
  • enough to fill Yankee Stadium more than 9 times per year.


YOU can make a difference

  • Don't use single use plastic straws.  Bring one with you and tell restaurants servers not to give you a straw. 
  • Stop by the Environmental Studies Program Office Gaige 146, to pick up a reusable straw.



Be Straw Free

The Last Plastic Straw

Straw Free



A campaign to eliminate plastic straws Washington Post



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